Moon Tans


Airbrush tanning is taking the nation by a storm. Finally, there is a sunless tanning method available that is quick, easy, and very effective. By applying self tanning solution with an airbrush, you will avoid the orange and streaky look that normally occurs with self tanning creams or lotions. Airbrush self tanning can be applied on your own or with the help of a trained technician.

Here at Moon Tans we carry a variety of airbrush self tanning products. We also provide customers with sunless tanning services if they do not want to apply these products on their own. Those who choose to use the services of a trained airbrush technician will receive a flawless and extremely natural-looking tan. Technicians apply our tanning solution only on those areas of the body that the sun would normally tan.

Our DHA tanning solution is preferable because it is organicand odor-free unlike many other self tanning solutions on the market. It also dries almost instantly. A complete airbrush tanning session can be completed in less than 15 minutes. You also do not have to worry about our formula staining your clothes.