Moon Tans


Self Tanning Spray

There are many benefits involved with using a self tanning spray. The most important benefit is getting a great tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays. UV rays are becoming more and more dangerous, so with each passing year, the skin cancer rate continues to grow. You can maintain a glowing tan without exposing yourself to UV rays by using a self tanning product.

There are a few different self tanning methods available. Basically, you can choose to apply a self tanning product on your own, or you can seek the assistance of a professional. Here at Moon Tans, we provide the most natural-looking method for self-tanning. Trained technicians apply our exceptional tanning solution with an airbrush for a flawless bronzed appearance.

Women have been interested in self tanning products for years, and men are now jumping on board as well. Sunless tanning has become increasingly popular in recent years. The proof is in how quickly our company has developed. In only a couple of years, Moon Tans went from one location in Colorado to locations in over 300 salons and day spas across the country.

Our airbrush treatment is desirable because it only takes 15 minutes. So you can achieve a great tan in much less time than it would take to get a tan naturally. Our airbrush treatment is also faster and easier to apply than typical at-home self tanning treatments.