Moon Tans


Sunless Tanning Products
Many people are searching for sunless tanning products as a safe method for tanning their skin. Because the prevalence of skin cancer continues to grow each year, many smart individuals are taking precautions and avoiding sun exposure. Avoiding the harmful UV rays from the sun can also protect you from premature skin wrinkles and other skin problems.

Here at Moon Tans, we offer a few different types of sunless tanning formulas. Most are made from a DHA solution, which has been approved by the FDA. You can choose from an 8.75 percent DHA solution for all complexion types or a 13 percent DHA solution for a deeper and darker tan. These formulas are most commonly used for professional airbrush tanning treatments.

We also carry Dark Side of the MOON Tan Extender to use between airbrush sessions and the new MOON Dry Exfoliating Spray to use before tanning sessions. The High Intensity Bronzer Drops can also be purchased from Moon Tans